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Archangel Gabriel


The Annunciation Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi) Italian

Archangel Gabriel is associated with clearing, balancing and stimulating the chakras and aura. Gabriel is associated more with the sacral chakra than the others. In addition, this Archangel is associated with "The Tree Of Life." Gabriel gave the information of the Tree Of Life to Adam. It was given again to Moses by Archangel Metatron. The word Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew, and means "that which is received." Kabbalah derived from an oral tradition called "Merkava"  (Merkaba) dating back to the first century CE, that involved contemplation of the divine throne or chariot (Merkava) seen by the prophet Ezekiel in his vision. (Ezekiel 1; 1-28) Gabriel is involved with the sacral chakra because of the interest of purifcation. Gabriel helps harmonize this chakra. And if the body is full of toxins, Gabriel can use this chakra to help eliminate them as well. Or if you've taken on too many problems in your own life, or that are not yours, (reiki healing or readings, etc.) Gabriel will help eliminate them too, using this chakra. Gabriel can stimulate this chakra to help you enjoy life again. Balance.

There are rituals on top of rituals to invoke Gabriel's help in these areas. And many other areas as well.

Gabriel gives insight through dreams, scrying and will usual give this insight through visions instead of a voice. But that does not mean the voice is not heard through some insight. Gabriel brings Divine wisdom and promotes the psychic abilities. And Gabriel is associatd with the moon, and water. Gabriel's stone is moonstone. According to an ancient Jewish legend, God, accompanied by Gabriel and Michael, taught Moses the intricacies of the calender, including the different forms of the moon. Each of the seven planets that could be seen by the ancients, was given it's own Angel.

Sun - Raphael
Venus - Aniel
Mercury - Michael
Moon - Gabriel
Saturn - Kafziel
Jupiter - Zadkiel
Mars - Sammael
And the winds are as follows:
East - Air - Raphael
South - Fire - Michael
West - Water - Gabriel
North - Earth - Uriel

Gabriel fought with Jacob, (also other Angels fought with him that night. Taking turns! Genesis 32: 24-32 Hosea 12:4) was the one God sent to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, and set fire to the temple of Jerusalem, considered the Angel of war 2,000 years ago, destroyed Sennacherib's camp, and is in charge of the soul. Gabriel makes sure the soul crosses over safely to Azrael.

Gabriel is most famous for bringing the news to Mary, to begin preparing for Jesus Christ' birth. (Luke 1:26-38) Gabriel has also visited many others that are well known. For instance, Zacharias was visited to tell him that he and his wife Elizabeth should prepare for the birth of "John The Baptist." And Daniel was visited to help him understand his dreams of a ram with two horns, which was defeated by a he-goat with one horn. The ram symbolized the Medes and the Persians and the he-goat symbolized the king of the Greeks who came to destroy them. (Daniel 8:16-27) And Gabriel visited Daniel again to tell him about the coming Messiah and the destruction of Jerusalem. (Daniel 9: 21-27) These are only a few. Michelangelo unknowingly painted a portrait of Gabriel and later realized who it was. (Portrait above)


Through my own experiences with Gabriel, I have learned that miracles are always unfolding within every moment. Archangel Gabriel slowed my vision down and wiped my eyes clear, then showed me these miracles in a bold way. Every single thing is connected and entertwined with each other and it is a harmonizing domino effect that is non stop. On every level. The ripple in the water is a good way to describe this. And through Gabriel, I learned that each of us have a certain click in the universe that connects with each other and every event from past to present and in the future with every living soul from the beginning to end that connects to each other and it is a never ending circle of life. I was shown how to "see" even the tiniest thing in my life to be a huge Blessing from God.


In addition of how all things blend as one in our world and all other worlds, it is important to understand that "The Ark Of The Covenant" is known to be the visions of Heaven. It is also important to realize that Kabbalah/Tree Of Life "Merkava"  plays a very profound role in the world and our lives. The information came from the Angelic world to us through Adam and Moses. Given by God through His Archangels Gabriel and Metatron. Genesis 3:24. "...and placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.


If you would take a moment to view this beautiful sacred Holy manifestation through the intructions of God, you'll see that in the center of the Angels, (wings) forms a triangle, The Trinity.  

Smile, you're on Karma Camera!

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