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Universal Freedom Magic

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"Reiki" Universal Life Force Energy


Welcome to the Reiki Page!

A universal life force from the Great Divine Spirit.


While many people think of healing when hearing or seeing the word "Reiki", it is more than just healing energy. Reiki is by definition, Universal Life Force. This IS manifestation with all thoughts. Reiki is the force of energy that allows a thought to manifest instantly. It is used with healing more than anything else. But the fact is, it is a life force energy that excelerates whatever thoughts we are endeavoring. I have actually proved this to myself and others. Just a mere thought while reiki is flowing, instantly happens. Reiki is poured into the thought and intensifies it, and if it is something about yourself, it will instantly enter your chakras and manifest. Reiki is merely a universal force flowing through you which increases energy and power to your thoughts. It is indeed the power behind the thoughts. Whatever your thoughts are, you can expect the thoughts to instantly and profoundly intensify, and manifest into reality when applying reiki.  

Reiki is also pure Universal Light and Unconditional Love. So whatever you are thinking, reiki may amplify it, but it is your thoughts that are sent out to the Universe. And reiki brings what you are thinking to you with speed and with light and unconditional love. It does not work against free will. So if your thoughts are negative, and reiki is applied, it may not agree with your thoughts, but it will still amplify your thoughts because you are invoking it to do so. Repecting your wishes with pure Light and unconditional love.

Sort of like when your child is learning to walk, and you want hold their hands and help them, but they push you away to do it own their own. You know they will fall and want to catch them, but you respect with light and pure unconditional love that they want to do this. Yes, they will fall, and you will want to hold them in your loving arms (reiki is the Divine's loving arms) and let them know they are ok and safe. And after a while of taking steps and falling down on their behind, they learn to walk. And with practice, they are soon running and doing these things without thoughts anymore. It is second nature once learned.

So when you have learned how to use reiki, it is as walking is, second nature. You do it without realizing it. So it is important to always have positive loving thoughts. Because reiki will amplify your thoughts with respected unconditional love without you ever realizing what you are doing. Clean positive thoughts are healthy in mind, body, heart and soul.   


"No one lights a lamp and then hides it or puts it under a bowl.
Instead, he puts it on the lampstand, so that people may see the light
as they come in. Your eyes are like a lamp for the body. When your
eyes are sound, your whole body is full of light, but when your eyes
are no good, your whole body will be in darkness. Make certain, then,
that the light in you is not darkness. If your whole body is full of
light, with no part of it in darkness, it will be bright all over, as
when a lamp shines on you with its brightness."

Smile, you're on Karma Camera!

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