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Universal Freedom Magic

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Creating Reality


I wanted to open the mind to something that is certainly true for everyone.


This guy friend I know was so scared to do anything because the law of nature. Afraid he would be lashed at by the Universe or even God. Paying the price for something he wanted. Oh how we beat ourselves up.


Now I knew this would come up. Yes, there are rules, and if broken, of course there will be a price to pay. Or learn rather. Ok, it's sort of like this. We are cookie dough, and we all have the same ingredients. But we can make our cookies in whatever shape we want. We can make then pretty, round, square, a ball, a blob, a designed star, shaped in any shape we want. We can also bake them to a crisp or chewy or raw dough. Or bake them just right. Not to mention we can sprinkle as many goodies on top as we want. Frosting or whatever your heart desires. Ok, that was just one example. 

Another example would be that everyone has the right to drive. But are we all going to have the same kind of car? Heck no. Are we all going to just look straight ahead, not listen to the radio or talk to our passengers? Heck no. And if we are all supposed to do the same thing, then I'm in deep trouble. I look at the scenery as I drive. I have a different color car, and different type of car than someone else. I listen to the radio, I sing along sometimes too. I am sure we all do different things in our own different car. But, we all follow the same rules for driving, right? I may not take the same route as you. I certainly am not going to just look straight ahead and go from point A to point B and that is all. Would you? No, of course not.

This is how life and the Universe is also. We all follow the same rules, but that does not mean we are supposed to be a stiff board and have a whip to crack at someone if they look around, or talk, or sing, etc. I hope this helps clear up anything that may be confusing about the law of nature. Please, take a look at the scenery around you, it can be beautiful. And sometimes it isn't. What do you do if you come across a place that isn't so beautiful? Would you fix it? Would you just ignore it? Would you pass it on by? Well, this is is up to you. You're not breaking any rules if you floor it and get the crap out of there. Nor are you breaking the rules if you stop, get out, and ask if you can help clean it up and make it beautiful.

When we stop and make our world beautiful, when others come along behind us, we share in what we created. They get to see our beauty. Where in another area they wouldn't see it. If you floor it and get out, that is fine too. You'll miss how beautiful and creative you really are, but this is up to you. You sure aren't breaking any rules if you do either of these things. It is about learning who you are and what you can create, or not want to create. I've seen 100's floor it and get the hell out. I seen 100's drive through a beautiful place and claim it as theirs, (That isn't right) and that is breaking a rule. You all know what would happen in this case. I have also seen and pitched in on creating an amazing place to see. But then I move on down the road and view what is ahead.

It is all up to you. This is what I mean by creating your own reality. We all have the tools to manifest whatever we want. It is up to us if we use them, or if we don't. So no matter what your cookie looks like, we all have the same ingredients. You just shape yours and bake it differently than I.



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