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Universal Freedom Magic

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It brings me great pleasure to be able to help another person. Or a situation. To give insight to help bring Light and Love, hope and faith back into another person's life. In doing this, it brings me the exact same thing and a renewed belief and understand of God's work and Will through me. I only want to serve Him in any way He wishes. Whether it is with insight for others, healing, or acknowledgement of truth in the world. No matter what that may be, I am here to serve Him and His Will with grace and appreciation.

I have below testimonies of some of my clients.




Thanks for the advice. I have not tried meditation or visualization in a very long time.  I'm gonna take your advice & meditate about my life & everything that has been happening. I'll let you know how it goes.






Thanks for the help :)




Many thanks again for your patience and for your reading!! Blessings to you. You do good work!

regards, Mel



Good Morning Elaine!

Thanks for the reading. You are right on target!  I do work at xxx. I  just started working here about  5 months ago. I like it and the people are easy to work with. Thanks and God Bless you!



Wow and thank you for the reading. You did a good job. Thanks so much for the great energies and thank you for a quick response.......

blessings, anna



Elaine - you pretty much hit the nail right on the head. I cannot thank you enough. You have actually cleared my head out enough where I can actually work tonight. :)

Much love,

Brightest of Blessings





You are right on in what you say. Thank you again so much for this reading. I truly appreciate this so much. Thank you for using your gifts and energy helping others---




Wow, Elaine!! That's some wild stuff!! lol That really is, because that's pretty well describing the way I saw some of the flashes and dreams. That's a trip!! Well, just wanted to say thank you very much for your time and's greatly appreciated. I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

God Bless,




Hi!! Just wanted to thank you for what you said about healing.....this certainly is true. thank you very much for everything you've told me. In any event, I really appreciate what you've done already!!!! I hope you have an awesome day, Elaine!!

God Bless You



The first thing that came to mind is how thankful I am for this reading and the energy you have put forth. So, THANK YOU A MILLION!!!! Now the more I thought about it, I feel you have tapped into my past especially in the past three years. You see, what you wrote has already happened... good job. In a nutshell, you have provided me with my past in my eyes. It will always have a relation to the past. THANKS so much Elaine for with all you have provided me.

Have a great evening and rest of the weekend,




Thank you so much for your attention and kindness. And for your good thoughts and energy - they have kept me going strong and I can not tell you how much better I feel since I started communicating with you!

Love and peace,




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